Urban Village CoHousing Community


We are a forming community in the Greater Boston Area.

We are seeking an urban site to build on or an existing building suitable to rehab into 25-30 units averaging 1000sf.


  • We are an inclusive community, welcoming to all people, supporting each other through life’s journey.
  • We promote good communication and conflict resolution through group decision making.
  • We support an ecologically sustainable lifestyle that reduces our carbon footprint through efficient use of resources.
  • Our community will be located in an urban setting within walking distance to public transportation, cafes, shops and green spaces.
  • Our village design will facilitate spontaneous connection, and a balance between private and community needs.
  • We will foster participation through shared meals, shared resources, joint projects, and group celebrations.


3 thoughts on “Urban Village CoHousing Community

  1. Hi Carol
    Happy New Year. I am interested in hearing more about the community you are forming. I am a 58 year old woman I work in Boston as an attorney and have lived in Hingham for over 20 years. My daughter (22) lives with me. I am looking to downsize and am seeking to join a like minded financially secure community.
    I would need to be able to commute to Boston.
    I appreciate your response and can be contacted via email or n
    By phone at 781 789-0175.
    Thank you


  2. Hi Urban Village Boston,

    So glad to see another urban cohousing community launching.

    We are Our Urban Village Canada, a multi-generational community in Vancouver. We’ve streamlied the co-housing process because Vancouver is so pricey. We have land, are trying a smaller community (12 households) in order t fit on 2 city lots and are working with an innovative developer instead of buying the land ourselves. We are calling it co-housing lite and hope it will shave a couple of years off the arduous cohousing process.

    We would be interested to hear about the challenges in Boston. Our website is:



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